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          The one-stop provider for all your sheet metal stamping and tooling needs

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          A commitment to performance demands an integrity to client design specifications.  Quality control at Verdugo exceeds that of most companies' standards in the area of administration, purchasing, processing, production, inspection and delivery.  Adherence to these standards is merely a touchstone for the company's rigid quality control and inspection procedures.

          Progressive Dies
          Short Runs
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          Verdugo regards submission of your original drawings or designs to us for evaluation, estimation, or review, as a sacred trust and they will be treated with complete confidentiality.

          Verdugo offers a wide range of progressive custom tooling to precision tolerances for a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes.
          Long Lasting Runs
          Tight Tolerance Tooling
          Pristine Precision Parts
          ITAR Compliant QMS
          We specialize in progressive dies.
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          "PTI Technologies, Inc. has built a strong working relationship by partnering with Verdugo Tool & Engineering for more than 40 years.  Verdugo Tool has consistently provided excellent engineering support for new products, proactively bringing new and innovative ideas to manufacturing processes.  Their excellent customer service team and well-trained staff ensure top quality products are delivered on time.  I have personally worked closely with Verdugo Tool & Engineering for over 10 years and highly recommend them.  They are a one-stop shop."

          David P. Montgomery

          Senior Buyer

          PTI Technologies, Inc.

          "Verdugo tool and Engineering has been a great vendor of ours for years. They are very reliable and do first-class quality work. They are prompt and a pleasure to work with. I truly recommend Verdugo Tool and Engineering."

          Oscar Ochoa

          General Manager

          Papco Parts

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          ?Registered ISO 9001:2015  |  ?Registered ITAR

          Toll free: 800-866-2024

          20600 Superior St., Chatsworth CA 91311


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